“There has always been a ‘seeking’ nature within me,
and now I’d like to help you seek out your inner-self
with spiritual direction and/or dream work.”

Kim Vann, Owner of Finding the Thread

Offering Spiritual Direction, Dream Work,
Workshops, and Training’s.

More offerings coming soon!


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Spiritual Direction – What is it?

Spiritual direction works from the premise that we each already hold the answers or the understanding we seek within us. To learn more about Spiritual Direction, click here.

Dream Work – What is it?  

As a Jewish Sage once wrote, “If a dream is like a letter, then there is someone who sent it.” Receiving a dream implies a relationship between us and the one who sent the dream and to do dream work is to carry on that relationship. Dream work becomes one way of consciously getting in touch with God’s will for our lives.  To learn more about dream work, click here.

“The Light wants out as much as it wants in.” – Kim Vann


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